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Workbook on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Ms. P's Lessons on Safety by Deepa A Kumar

The team at SentioLife Solutions received a message about something all our children should know about. Unfortunately many children are never told about this because their parents do not know HOW to tell them. I am talking about CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE PREVENTION. A mom from India hopes she has created solutions for parents that feature animated videos and books in a child friendly format which imparts the necessary Do’s and Don’ts to Stay Safe. This post informs you about a Workbook on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Ms.P’s Lessons on Safety by Deepa A Kumar

How to talk to your child about good touch, bad touch? Deepa Kumar, a mom entrepreneur in India with two young daughters, took the initiative of creating resources aimed at spreading awareness on safeguarding children from possible sexual abuse. Ms. Kumar is the creator of, a platform that provides educators and parents easy tools to teach children tough topics like sexual abuse and puberty. The platform provides animated videos, tools and products to make this education fun and positive.

This post introduces you to  Ms. P’s Lessons on Safety by Deepa A Kumar, workbook on child sexual abuse prevention. describes Ms. P’s Lessons on Safety as,A conversation with your child about sexual abuse is the first step towards prevention. Ms.P, the friendly dragon, takes the child through safety lessons in a fun and easy way. The workbook empowers children without scaring them.”

We thank Deepa A Kumar for the following information about her workbook and for the photos.

Description of the book –

Ms.P’s Lessons On Safety  – A fun workbook for children on sexual abuse prevention that is empowering and practical. There are lessons on private parts, caretakers, safety alerts and more. The illustrations are bright and colorful with Ms.P, the friendly dragon, guiding the child through the book. There are pin up alerts, caretaker list and a circle of love.  It includes a certificate of completion and there is even a real safety shield hiding inside.

In the fun, animated video CD that accompanies this workbook, Ms.P, the friendly dragon, teaches little children how to recognize a bad person. The illustrations are bright and colorful with Ms. P guiding the child through the book. There are real life example scenarios to help children think on their feet.

Purpose of writing the book –

Deepa is an entrepreneur and a mom to two little girls.  She says that talking to her children about sexual abuse was really tough and awkward .

This brought in fear and confusion in her children. Wanting it make it easy for parents world over, she roped Ms.P, the friendly dragon who makes this tough conversation easy and fun.

Sexual Abuse is confusing concept for a child to understand. So, here’s a NEVER-DONE-BEFORE-SUPER-EASY book with the video that you can just watch with him.

 Target audience – Parents, Schools, Children,

Deepa A Kumar author of Workbook on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Ms.P's Lessons on Safety About the Author: Deepa A Kumar I am Deepa, a mom to 2 little girls. Whenever I attempted talking to my girls about puberty or child sexual abuse, I brought in a lot of apprehension, which invariably brought in fear and confusion in my girls.

Sexual Abuse is a confusing concept for a child to understand; therefore, Ms. Kamar uses five Safety Alerts, each with an icon. –See Alert, Talk Alert, Touch Alert, Alone Alert and Hold Alert. She challenges children to identify dangerous scenarios so they can win their own safety shield.

Below is a wonderful video that you can just watch with your child. It’s FUN and teaches your child to be BRAVE and FEISTY. And, there’s nothing confusing anymore after a frank discussion about the points made in the video.  Furthermore, the workbook, Ms.P’s Lessons On Safety, re-iterates the safety lesson in the video and comes with a safety quiz. 

Ms P's Alerts

Safety Lessons On Child Sexual Abuse

“Enough secrets , enough shame , enough hurt , enough
confusion , enough denial , enough child sexual abuse.”from Facebook Page How To Tell Your Child


About Book – Mr.P’s Lessons On Safety by Deepa Kumar

  •  How To Tell Your Child Series
  •  54 pages
  • Publication Date: 1st October 2014
  • Buy:

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