Who Can Benefit from Using Chew Necklaces and Chewy Hand Fidgets?
Who Can Benefit from Using Chew Necklaces and Chewy Hand Fidgets?

Most people cannot start to imagine what parents of children with special needs go through. Most have a hard time to understand that SentioLife Solutions, the Canadian company that designed and assembles chew necklaces made in Canada, receives orders everyday of the year for their mouth and hand chewable fidgets. These chew necklaces bring comfort not only to kids, tweens and teens but more and more adults are relying on them to satisfy their overwhelming urge to chew, bite, and/or fidget.

One mom wrote to us saying how she wished our chew necklaces had been available when her autistic son, Ben, was growing up. This is her story:

When our son Ben was a young child, he chewed up 2-3-4 remote controls. He chewed through the hard plastic and buttons so I know what other moms mean when they say they are thankful for your chew necklaces. I really had to watch Ben like a hawk all the time because he would put everything in his mouth and chew it all up into little pieces. It was really hard to find things that were durable enough for him to chew on.

Ben was a crafty kid – LOL – he’d get those remotes from where I hid them and chewed the heck out of them until they literally would fall apart – sometimes I’d find the *buttons* in his mouth – he’d be chewing on them too!!!  I would catch him with the remote and hide it in another place, but he’d find it and keep doing damage until it fell apart!

It was really hard to find things that were durable enough for Ben to chew on. We went through all kinds of baby teething rings all the time. I really mean it when I said I could have used your chew necklaces 20 years ago for him! I was so glad you got such a wonderful testimony from that autistic woman from half way around the world in New Zealand saying finally your SentioCHEWS were durable enough to withstand her aggressive, adult teeth. She would damage a silicone chewy in one week and could not afford to buy them that often! Look at the people you are helping with your durable chew necklaces! It’s so wonderful!!!! ~ Theresa

SentioLife Solutions’ Two Lines of Chew Necklaces

The Canadian company, SentioLife Solutions, designed, manufactures, and assembles two lines of chew necklaces. The first chew necklaces came out in 2007 and is called KidCompanions Chewelry. It is great for all who MUST chew, bite or fidget.
pinkchewelrydetailIt is appreciated by those with autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome, Down syndrome, FASD, sensory processing disorder (SPD), etc.

The chewable pendants have two textures/materials. The raised heart dot is smooth and harder than the smooth, rubbery rest of the pendant. The heart shapes have a smooth dip in front also conducive to fidgeting. Therefore our KidCompanions serve both groups of individuals, those who need  a chew necklace or those who need a hand fidget to help them self-regulate and focus

Use KidCompanions Chewelry As Chew Necklaces

Use KidCompanions Chewelry As a CHEWYThese chewable accessory are SAFE alternatives to inappropriate biting and chewing on inedible items that bring questions of hygiene, teeth wearing, discomfort and safety to mind. They are  helpful to children who grind their teeth, bite their nails, bite their fingers, etc. No one likes to see their child chilled to the bones coming home from school in winter with a soaked shirt from chewing on it all day. Even some parents use them to transition their child from a soother to a more age-appropriate mouth fidget if their child still needs oral stimulation.

Parents tell us often how KidCompanions Chewelry is saving them money because of the cost of chewed up clothing, toys, books, and even furniture and bedding!

KidCompanions Chewelry As Hand Fidgets

Some anxious kids feel more calm if they can fidget an object like Kid Companions Chewelry. The children who get anxious during transitions (home to school or classroom to gym class etc) can hold on and fidget on their wearable Kid Companions that gives them a feeling of sameness/security because their wearable or attachable fidget goes where they go.Provide KidCompanions Chewelry or SenetioCHEWS: safe, age-appropriate chew necklaces to satisfy his need to chew, bite, and/or fidget.

To feel good about themselves, youngsters bodies and brains need sensory input obtained by using their senses. Each person has sensory favorites to help them to remain calm, to become alert, to stay focused, or to be cool during transitions. Provide our sensory chew necklace as a strategy to engage your child and get him to pay attention. Some will chew or bite the pendant. Others will prefer to use it as a hand fidget. Remember they are available as a necklace with a child safety clasp or with a clip.

Pierrette and Lorna are pleased with the many positive comments from grateful parents who tell them KidCompanions Chewelry is making a difference in the lives of their children. Read a few comments on our Client Testimonial Page!

One mom said it so well:  “We LOVE KidCompanions Chewelry…passed your link to parent support groups. LOL I’ve had to say “NO, this is not a paid endorsement!” Think it’s a great alternative to the more obvious tools – no one wants their child to be singled out because they look like they’ve got a pacifier or be denied their fidget because it’s a distraction to others.”


SentioCHEWS Newest Chew Necklaces for ACTIVE chewers! Tough, FDA Safe & Economical!Newest Chewable Pendants for ACTIVE chewers! Tough, FDA Safe & Economical!

In November of 2013 SentioLife Solutions launched a second line of chew necklaces called SentioCHEWS. These chewable pendants are also made and assembled in Canada and they are more durable than pendants made of silicone like one often finds available in special needs stores or online where autism products are sold.

Buy Kidcompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS Online:

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