My son loves his SentioCHEWS and what’s great is that he has stopped biting me!!! And others!! It really changed our lives!!

Melanie Potock

For the Friendship Circle Special Needs Blog titled 4 Fun Products for Helping Toddlers Learn to Eat, she included our SentioCHEWS as one of the products to help kids practice chewing. Melanie is a certified speech language pathologist, a national speaker on the topic of picky eating, and the author of the award winning parenting […]


My name is Jess and I have a ten year old with severe autism and sensory integration disorder. He chews all the time clothing and other non food items. My OT told me to try the KidCompanion Chewelry because it would help save clothing. We tried the original KidCompanions and found it couldn’t handle my […]

Tina Curno Fougere

Friends these chew necklaces are great Our School Board actually bought these for some students when I told them about them THEY are an excellent help ….Helps children with sensory challenges and no one will even know.. so no teasing PERFECT PRODUCT!

Grateful Mom

Attachment disorder is a heartache for all involved. Anyway, I figured that my 5 yr old, who is VERY competitive with her siblings, wanted KidCompanions Chewelry Just Because Someone Else Had It. Turns out I was… wrong. (more…)

Angie Nash, mom

“Finally! I have spent a small fortune over the past few years, trying to find a chew that works for my aggressive chewer. Finding the texture he likes always leads to something that is destroyed within days. He was excited to receive the sentio chew and I am excited to see it still in good […]