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Review Autism Spectrum Disorder SIBLING SUPPORT: 15 Practical Tips by Trish Thorpe

Review Autism Spectrum Disorder SIBLING SUPPORT: 15 Practical Tips by Trish Thorpe

On our Special Needs Book Review site we reviewed one of the four books Trish Thorpe has written titled   Autism Spectrum Disorder SIBLING SUPPORT: 15 Practical Tips for Parents and Caregivers.   For her book information, Trish Thorpe wrote, “There is perhaps no group in our society who is impacted more and recognized less than the siblings of disabled people. It’s time to highlight their needs. This handbook does just that. Updated annually, it provides parents and caregivers with insight and practical strategies for supporting the siblings of special-needs children.

By collaborating with a professional psychologist, the author was able to leverage the insight she learned from years of counseling about her lifelong relationship with her own Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) brother. The success of the collaboration is evident here — you’ll find a non-clinical yet spot-on understanding of special-needs sibling dynamics.

Short and to the point, the book starts by explaining the term “glass children” (i.e., the neurotypical, “see-through” child in the sibling relationship). Next you’ll find step-by-step suggestions (15 tips) for helping ASD siblings deal with day-to-day challenges such as understanding lopsided household rules, feeling loved and respected as an individual outside of their role as an ASD sibling, and comprehending the unique advantages of living in a special-needs family. This is an important resource for anyone wanting to understand and support ASD siblings.

(This handbook was updated in 2016 to include DSM-5 information.)”

See the links at the end of this post to our interview with Ms. Thorpe and to a guest post about her book on ASD sibling support.

Trish Thorpe also agreed to write the following guest post introducing her book on ASD sibling support.

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