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SUPER Sensory Tool Flash SPECIAL -Exclusively for OTs, Schools and Non-Profits! - KidCompanions Chewelry & SentioCHEWS
SUPER Sensory Tool Flash SPECIAL -Exclusively for OTs, Schools and Non-Profits!

For 72 hours you have the opportunity to shop like a retailer! We are launching our new Online Shopping for Groups and you can be the first to try it, pre-launch.

KidCompanions Chewelry Are SAFE Chewables for Those Who Bite and ChewThere are no strings and no account needs to be created. You will get 30% off ALL non-sale items. You will also have an impressively low minimum order of only $50. Pass on the savings to your group members, clients or students.

Request your coupon code today by emailing us your name, phone number and association/group name and address. Ship To addresses MUST match above for this discount.

Please email your information to to request your 72 hour Group-Rate Code. For any questions OR for a list of our most popular styles, feel free to contact Pierrette d’Entremont at

You may also request information on Facebook via kidcompanions private message.

-Pierrette, Lorna, George, Ilona and Jamie!

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