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Sensory Crate Holidays 2013, Sensory Gifts for Kids, Time & Money Savings for Parents
Sensory Crate Holidays 2013, Sensory Gifts for Kids, Time & Money Savings for Parents

Do you have a child with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who cannot cope with the hectic holidays?  Do the holiday preparations and festivities mean just added stress to you and an upset, overwhelmed child even before you deck the halls with boughs of holly? Are you looking for the perfect sensory gifts for your child who hates the hustle and bustle of crowds or family reunions?

Folks at KidCompanions Chewelry, parents with children with special needs, know how difficult it is and know how you feel. We have come up with super, sensory fidgets for your child with sensory issues. It’s easy and convenient for parents and has sensible, sensory solutions for your child. What is KidCompanions’ solution for harried and hurried parents of a child with sensory challenges?

Sensory Crate Holidays 2013 –

to comfort anxious kids with sensory issues

We all get a little stressed over the holidays, but some individuals experience sensory overloads and anxiety. We carefully went over the sensory toys we had in our 2012 sensory kit and, after thinking about it a while and trying out many items, we decided to keep some items and add a few new ones. You will find great stress busters, useful sensory tools and fun play ideas in our second Holiday Seasons Sensory Crate.

Let us introduce you to our second Sensory Crate. We have done the walking and talking and found manufacturers that sell products that benefit a child with sensory issues or sensory processing disorder (SPD). Our children have tested and approved them; therefore, we know your child will enjoy using them too.

What will you be getting when you buy our Sensory Crate Holiday 2013? SAVE BIG and get the following functional but FUN, SENSORY gifts for a much lower price than if you bought them individually.

WHAT’S INCLUDED:KidCompanions holiday Chewelry item in Sensory Crate

Holiday KidCompanions Chewelry -$17.49

20” breakaway lanyard in bright forest green or holiday red, (to buy separately). Chewable, Wears like jewelry and has a safety breakaway clasp. Materials are FDA approved, BPA free. Lanyards are 100% cotton.

2 PlayFoam Pods item in Sensory Crate 2 PlayFoam Pods -$2.50

Playfoam is a fun, mess free, creative play toy for children of all ages, and winner of Good Housekeeping’s Best Toy Award in 2011. Your kit will come with 2 pods.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty -$5.25Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty  item in Sensory Crate

2″ Small Tin (amazing colours with heat-change or glow-in-the-dark, non-toxic. “Stretch it! Tear it!  Pop it! Knead it! Bounce it! Snap it!”. Does not dry out or crumble. Thinking Putty production is managed by individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. Check out other information about thinking putting on their FAQ page. (to buy separately)

SafetyTat ID tattoos item in Sensory Crate SafetyTat ID tattoos -$10.00

6-pack & tattoo pen (ok this is for mom & dad too, but we found them perfect for those holiday parties and school affairs). SafetyTat uses medical-grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive on all products. See how to apply it! <click (to buy separately)

UnderCover tape -$12.00UnderCover tape item in Sensory Crate

15-pack (oh yes! perfect timing for that itchy holiday outfit they want me to wear!). Adhesive formula is hypoallergenic and latex-free. A solution for bothersome clothing labels and seams! (to buy separately)

Smart Smencils  item in Sensory Crate Smart Smencils -$1.50

These eco-friendly Smencils Scented Pencils are made of 100% recycled newspaper and emit the invigorating scent of peppermint. Made of #2 pencil lead. Features a biodegradable plastic carry-tube. In studies, peppermint has been shown to help improve mental agility and concentration. Plus, it smells like the Holidays! (buy seperately)

Bendi-Snake Whistle -$1.00Bendi-Snake Whistle item in Sensory Crate

It’s a real flute whistle that is about 10″ long. Whirl them, twirl them or blow through them to make unique whistle sounds. Flexible plastic can be washed like a heavy-duty straw.


Flap Pouch -$3.50

Handmade in Canada, an easy to use fabric Flap-Pouch to hold all the goodies from your new kit. Reusable and very useful!



Total Retail Value of all items in our Sensory Crate is $53.24.
Our Regular price -$48.85
For Sensory Crate Holidays 2013 YOU PAY ONLY $39.95

* You have the choice of three Sensory Crates that differ in the colors of the items only.

sensory crate-GIRL

Girl (pink, purple, sparkles),

  • Girl (pink, purple, sparkles),
  • Boy (blues, reds, greens)
  • Neutral (green, oranges, yellows)

The sensory gifts in our Holiday Sensory Kit were carefully chosen by a mom with a child with sensory issues. They are simple, immediately useful sensory tools with no mess and no fuss. Some items in our sensory crate allow your child to chew, bite, or fidget without drawing attention to himself or being a distraction to others.

Happy Holidays from the folks behind KidCompanions Chewelry! – Pierrette, Jamie, Lorna, and George

Buy Sensory Crate Holidays 2013, Sensory Gifts for Kids