Review of Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital Friends
Review of Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital Friends by Charmaine Hammond

Have you been searching for a children’s picture book to help your child or students learn how to be kind to others?  Charmaine Hammond and  illustrator, Rose Anne Prevec, have teamed up to write  a wonderful children’s picture book, Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital Friends, about caring for others. Ms. Hammond’s book  is based on the true story from the book and movieOn Toby’s Terms which is about when Charmaine and her husband adopted Toby, a five-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever.

The realistic illustrations by Rose Anne Prevec will make it possible for all children 4 yrs. and up to enjoy the story.  Older kids who read it alone will appreciate the detailed illustrations to help them with their comprehension. Teachers will also love to use this book with their young students. There are teachable themes or messages that lend themselves to great class discussions. The book is NOT only about pet therapy dogs! The illustrations are large and colorful enough to show for a Read-aloud circle time.

Once Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital Friends has been read, parents, teachers or caregivers can use the fourteen “Questions to Enhance Children’s Critical Thinking Skills” found on the last page. These questions are the perfect spring board to great discussions about hospital stays and treatments, about friendships, about one’s fears, and about helping others.

Toby the Pet Therapy Dog

Charmaine Hammond and illustrator, Rose Anne Prevec plan to publish a series of children’s book with Toby, the pet therapy dog, as the main character. They will be a success if they are like their first book!
Features of the Book

  • The book is well organized so the text and illustrations balance each other to make the story flow along seamlessly.
  • The use of different colored paper for entire pages here and there in the book gives added punch.
  • The illustrations are colorful and realistic.  They are accurate to the plot, characters, and setting.
  • Sharp, easy to read font in the correct size for young readers is a plus.
  • The book has the right feel and size for young readers.
  • The laminated cover is good quality paper made to last.
  • High quality paper for each page will make it possible for many little hands to use and enjoy this fine book.
  • Saddle Stapling- the fold becomes the spine of the book and two staples are placed in the fold.

Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital Friends besides helping children to be of service to others it helps them learn about community life and the importance of being kind to animals too!

Charmaine Hammond author of Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, and His Hospital FriendsAbout the Author

Charmaine Hammond is the author of the wildly successful book, On Toby’s Terms (, winner of the CHIMO Reese Award, and the subject of a 2011 movie, ON TOBY’S TERMS. Charmaine is a former Correctional Officer and Chartered Mediator, and speaks to audience around the world on importance and power of building resilience.

Information on LinkedIn: Charmaine is>>A Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author, Radio Host. The Bounce Forward Expert…solving people issues. She lives in Alberta, Canada  and does Professional Training & Coaching.

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