Super Pack of Chewable Sensory Toys

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Super Pack of Chewable Sensory Toys

20% off single item prices!

Group Pack of Chewable Sensory Toys made for school classes or groups that have chewers, mouthers and fidgeters!

INCLUDED in Group Pack of Chew Necklaces:

  • 1 x 4 Pack BLUE SentioCHEWS – Soccer Ball, Flower, Dot Drop, Ice Cream. Reg $34 ea
  • 1 x 2 Pack RED Duo SentioCHEWS – Dot Drop, Ice Cream Chewelry. Reg $18 ea
  • 2 x KidCompanions Chewelry – Pink Heart, Black/White Circle. (For lighter chewers or fidgeters) Reg $17.49 ea
  • 2 x Undyed Organic breakaway lanyard (20″ undyed organic cotton with white breakaway clasp, for extra fabric chewers) Reg $8.50 ea
  • 2 x Clip-on lanyards (for those you may need their Chewy clipped) (mixed colors, either Red, Blue or Undyed with clear clip). Reg $8.50 ea
  • Reg $120.98 Now $ 99.50

Our made-in-Canada chewable necklaces are safe, functional and washable. The 2-textured KidCompanions Chewelry chew pendants are made with medical grade (USP Class VI) polymers that are BPA, metal and latex free! Inside each rubbery shape is a harder embossed disk “dot” that keeps the whole product from bending and give two fun textures to play with. Abstract dots on back offer interesting imagery possibilities. The Breakaway is custom-designed to ASTM “release strength” standards is a safety feature that will make necklaces release if caught or snagged on something. They are easily re-attached.

SentioCHEWS were designed for active chewers and have a great rubbery, pliable feel. Also FDA safe! The Breakaway is rugged and suitable for outdoor active play. It is a safety feature that will make necklaces release if caught or snagged on something. They re-attach by popping back together.

Safety Information:

  • We follow ASTM safety standards and voluntary standards for products used by youth (toys).
  • Materials are FDA compliant, metal (lead, nickel etc), Phthalates (BPA) and Latex FREE.
  • Chewable pendants are made-in-Canada in a medical device, ISO certified facility.
  • We use 100% cotton lanyard material made in the US and dyed with the safest color-fast dyes available.
  • The 100% UNDYED ORGANIC COTTON breakaway lanyard is the best choice for fabric chewers!
  • Our lanyard lengths follow ASTM standards for children’s safety of cords and loops.
  • Our chewable necklaces are CE marked to EU standards, under the Medical Device Directive.
  • Our product is CPSIA 3rd party certified.

KidCompanions Chew necklaces usually last 4-6 weeks. SentioCHEWS last longer, usually  6 weeks plus. However, Please note that our Chewable Sensory Toys will wear sooner with aggressive chewing. Read  FAQs (and other info pages) for further information and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Additional information

Weight 0.645 kg
Dimensions 36 x 24 x 6 cm

– 18 Inch -, 20 Inch


Organic Cotton COLORS, UNDYED Organic Cotton


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