Girls Rule 3-Pack Chewable Necklaces



Girls Rule 3-Pack Chewable Necklaces

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Girls Rule 3-Pack Chewable Necklaces: HAPPY Yellow Heart with 20″ breakaway safety lanyard in 100% cotton, Blue Flower (Party Lanyard) and Red Dot Drop (Pink Camo) with 24″ tough paracord lanyards (for active play).

The 2-part KidCompanions chew pendant is made with medical grade (USP Class VI) polymers that are BPA, metal and latex free! Matching lanyard follow ASTM standards for safety of cords and loops and the breakaway is custom-designed to ASTM “release strength” standards. SentioCHEWS are also BPA, metal and latex free and these 1-part rubbery shapes are more pliable and come with longer breakaway paracord lanyards. Our made-in-Canada product is safe, functional and washable.

Chew Necklaces usually last 6-9 weeks with SentioCHEWS usually lasting up to 10-12 weeks. Please note that chewable pendants will wear sooner with aggressive chewing.

Our chewable pendants are CE marked and CPSIA 3rd Party approved. Please note that pendants will wear sooner with aggressive chewing. Read FAQs for further information and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Safety Information:

  • We follow ASTM safety standards and voluntary standards for products used by youth (toys).
  • KidCompanions are 2 fused parts and made of thermo-plastic elastomers, both medical grade, USP Class VI (FDA Approved).
  • SentioCHEWS are 1-part shapes and made of thermo-plastic elastomer, FDA Approved.
  • Chewable pendants are made-in-Canada in an ISO certified facility
  • The Breakaway for our KidCompanions is custom-designed to ASTM standards and made of FDA approved Polymer. The breakaway for SentioCHEWS is a tougher barrel breakaway and more suitable for active play.
  • Lanyard lengths follow ASTM standards for children’s safety of cords and loops.
  • Chew necklaces are CE marked to EU standards, under the Medical Device Directive.
  • Chewable necklaces are CPSIA 3rd party certified.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 1 cm


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