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Undyed Cotton Clip-On Lanyard

100% Undyed Cotton Clip-On Lanyard.
Length: 9-10 inches
Use: Loop to product with a hitch knot and clip on to shirt collars, shirt pockets, bedding, seat belts etc.

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100% Undyed Cotton Clip-On Lanyard

Replacement for any clip-on lanyard or as an extra for chewies. It may be the best choice if your child is a fabric chewer as undyed lanyards are non-allergenic and durable. Wash with soap and water before first Use. (Clip not chewable).

Length: 9-10 inches

Use: Use plain hitch knot to loop onto our chewelry (or any product you wish to hold) to clip on to shirt collars, shirt pockets, bedding, seat belts etc.

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Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions12 × 10 × .5 cm

Green, Yellow


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