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Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the Solution - KidCompanions Chewelry & SentioCHEWS
Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the Solution

Emma Apple had a problem. Her child constantly chewed her fingernails. The solution was our stylish chew necklace with a pink heart chew pendant. The team at SentioLife Solutions is always happy to receive feedback from the parents, teachers, and therapists who buy our chew necklaces or see our chew pendants making the difference in the lives of the children they work with.

We thank Emma Apple for sending us beautiful photos of her daughter and son happily using our KidCompanions Chewelry. Now she has written the following guest post to tell us how her daughter’s nail biting problem was solved by providing our chew necklace to chew and bite instead of her finger nails.

Guest Post by Emma Apple

Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing:

Chew Necklace Is the Solution

If you’re like me and you have a child that needs a lot of oral stimulation, you’ll appreciate the KidCompanions Chewelry, the chew necklace my daughter loves to use and wear. I’ve been looking for something for my daughter to chew on for months! The other kind of Chewelry I’ve found is either uncomfortable or unattractive or not safe for kids with teeth.
Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the Solution
In hind sight, it started when Madam was a baby. She was what Dr. Sears calls a “High Needs Baby”. For the first two years, she would scream if her father or anyone else held her. From the start, she would wake up crying 5 minutes after being put down to sleep and she wanted to breastfeed constantly.
The first indicator that something might be going on with Madam, aside from the awful screaming she’d use to communicate despite her language being advanced, was that she didn’t grow out of the mouthing stage. By the time she was 3, there were several early signs of Autism, with the chewing/sucking/biting on everything being the most alarming. When she chewed through an electrical wire and put a shard of glass in her mouth, we knew it was time to get help.
She was eventually diagnosed with Aspergers and Sensory Regulatory Disorder. We tried several appropriate alternatives for her to chew: straws, teething toys, washcloths… the straws helped the most but none of them made a significant difference and she craved a variety of textures. Our furniture is a mess from being chewed for so long with pieces of wood, faux leather and foam missing. All her plastic animals have legs, tails, mouths, fins etc. chewed off and the ends of the beds have teeth marks all over themPassed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the Solution.
One day I stumbled on a giveaway for a kind of Chewelry I’d never seen before. The ones I’d seen prior had been either not appropriate for kids with teeth (which seemed to defeat the purpose) or unattractive and uncomfortable looking to wear.
KidCompanions Chewelry Hearts - Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the SolutionI entered the giveaway (with as many entries as was allowed) and Madam won her beautiful Pink Heart shaped KidCompanions Chewelry. She was absolutely over the moon when she got it. Madam doesn’t like to wear it as a necklace for long but often goes to it and always when reminded. She sometimes has it in her pocket or next to her on the table and if she is feeling very chewy she’ll put it on around her neck and use it. I just can’t tell you how wonderful and genius I think this is! Exactly what I was looking for!
KidCompanions Chewelry Pink Heart - Passed Toddlerhood and Still Mouthing: Chew Necklace Is the SolutionIt is a couple of months later and I cannot recommend this product enough! Madam’s chewing has been significantly reduced and her nails have grown. We’ve tried so many things to try and stop her biting her nails and nothing ever worked. A few days ago, we were able to cut her nails for the first time since she was a baby and she is proudly wearing her yellow nail polish for only the second time!
She still chews inappropriate things but is often able to redirect herself and often gets her chewelry before an activity where she tends to chew (i.e. coloring) without being prompted.
 We love having this chew necklace for her that involves several textures: hard plastic, softer rubber and the cotton lanyard. It is a sensory tool that is readily available and easy to take with us. Her chewy, pink heart is pretty (perhaps most important to a little girl who loves Pink) and has had a positive impact on the entire family. I’m sure they aren’t this wonderful for every child since needs vary so greatly but, like I said, I simply cannot recommend them enough!
 Links to Emma Apple:
Editor at Muslimas’ Oasis offers a safe and established platform with the aim of empowering Muslim Women to speak up and speak out about the issues that are important to them.
Pierrette and I wish to thank Emma Apple for this guest post. We appreciate her comments and photos that will help other parents realize that some children must be provided with a safe, efficient alternative to inappropriate mouthing to satisfy their need for oral stimulation.
Second Line of Chew Necklaces, SentioCHEWS, Launched Nov. 2013Please Note: In 2013 SentioLife Solutions designed a second line of chew necklaces we named SentioCHEWS. SentioCHEWS are for aggressive chewers and active kids, tweens, and teens. This second line of Chewerly has a longer 24 inch breakaway paracord lanyard with a barrel clasp. They are Tougher-than-Silicone chew pendants often found on the market.  SentioCHEWS sell for $9.95 Canadian.
Buy KidCompanions Chewelry and Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS in our online store: 
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