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Off The Page Hi-Lo eBooks: Easy-to-Read, High Interest eBooks for Teens and Young Adults

We have found the most beautiful hi-lo eBooks by a company called Off The PageOff The Page eBooks are fun, educational, easy-to-read books tailored to teens and young adult readers. The easy-to-read, high interest eBooks are made in New Zealand by Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery and used around the world. These beautiful eBooks are for adolescents and young adults with reading difficulties especially students with Down syndrome, autism, and learning disabilities. Make reading fun with these hi-lo eBooks designed with the needs and interests of mature students who are just beginning to read.

We are updating this post, June 2016 with information about Off The Page’s new books: 

  • They started with 30 ebooks and during the last year have added 10 more so there are now 40 ebooks for your enjoyment.
  • Note that Off The Page eBooks are now available through Amazon. This means that the books can be downloaded to your device onto a Kindle app or straight to your Kindle if you have one. This may suit some people more than having  to be online, as it is when purchasing them through their website. The covers look a bit different but the content is the same. So head on over and check them out. The links are at the end of this post.
  • The educators behind these books, Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery, are working on another set of eBooks. We will update this post as soon as they are out.

What makes Off The Page hi-lo eBooks great for emergent readers?

The books are suited to readers with any reading disability, struggling readers or adults learning to read. You won’t find children’s books among these books as all their books are created for teens and young adults on subjects they enjoy. All teens/young adults want to read about themselves and be able to relate to the characters. 

The team at SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. congratulates and thanks the authors, Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery, for devoting over a year of work to getting their first thirty hi-lo eBooks ready to be used.

eBooks for adolescents with reading difficulties

Off the Page ebooks - Live MusicFeatures YOU will like about eBooks by Off The Page:

  • Topic appeal – eBooks will gain and keep reader interest.
  • Simple ordering process – Buy online and download instantly.
  • Educational value – Written by special needs teachers who are committed to opening minds to the world of words!
  • Affordable – eBooks cost less than you might think…
  • Available in three reading levels.
  • Can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet and iPhone.

Off The Page eBooks are divided in three reading levels. 

Guest Post by Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery

Level 2 Off The Page eBooks

 Fun Educational Books Tailored to Hi-lo Readers

The vision of Off The Page is to Open the Mind to the World of Words by reaching out to young adults and providing them with a range of topics which motivate and inspire them to read.  Our eBooks for emergent readers use photos and aim to be realistic, motivating and age appropriate.

Off The Page eBooks - Easy-to-Read, High Interest Books for Low Level ReadersAn important aspect to the vision of our ebooks, is that the students are seen as teenagers and young people first, and their reading ability second – not the other way around.  The topics are therefore chosen with this in mind and will range from personal/special interests, sports, leisure, personal care, employment and social skills; the topics are endless.

Current Categories: Animals, Beach, Beauty, Books with Cartoons, Books with Videos, Cooking, Music, Jobs, Sport, The World around Me and other real life experiences.

Off The Page eBooks are designed to be used as an instructional teaching resource and are therefore purposely not heavily interactive.

Each eBook level uses a core base of high frequency words and then a grammatical framework based on the developmental literacy level. Photos are used to create a more age appropriate appeal to the reader. Our Off The Page authors incorporated reading strategies within these eBooks to develop the readers language structure and punctuation skills, which once learnt will help the reader tackle even more complex books.

Skim Boarding: Example of a Level 2 Off the Page eBook:

  • Free Worksheets: Word-search, Phonological Awareness, High Frequency Word Games, I have/ Who has Games? Alphabet Games and Teacher Resources.
  • Reading age: approx 6 year old
  • Suitable for all emergent readers.
  • The number of pages range from 9 – 15.
  • Number of running words range from 75 – 145 depending on the level.
  • First publication was March 2015, with new titles and free worksheets being added every quarter.

Other Level 2 Off The Page eBooks:
Level 2 Off The Page eBooks Fun Educational Books Tailored to Hi-lo Readersmy-drum-kit how-to-play-a-guitar Level 2 Off The Page eBooks Fun Educational Books Tailored to Hi-lo Readershow-to-play-a-guitar Level 2 Off The Page eBooks Fun Educational Books Tailored to Hi-lo Readers


About the Authors: Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery

Anne Russell is an author of three special education teacher resource books and has been involved with special education in New Zealand for over 17 years. Experience:

  • Trained primary teacher – current registration, graduated from Teachers College in 1982.
  • Taught in public and private educational facilities
  • Worked for the Ministry of Education, Special Education
  • Special Education Consultant with her own business Offbeat Education
  • Author of three special education teacher resource books
  • Qualifications – Higher Dip Tchg, B. Education, PG Dip Education (Special Needs)

Rosemary Emery‘s background as a speech-language therapist and special education teacher means she works with children and adults with all kinds of disabilities.  Rosemary loves writing high interest content for emergent readers of all levels and aims to write books which interest all teenagers and young adult low readers in New Zealand and around the world.


  • Over 20 years experience in Special Education
  • Trained as a Speech – Language Therapist and teacher
  • Has worked as a class teacher, special needs teacher and a speech language therapist.
  • Currently practicing as a Speech Language Therapist in education which she loves.

Follow Off The Page:

Buy Off The Page eBooks:

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