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My Child Does Not Like Sports or Any Physical Activities: Now What?
My Child Does Not Like Sports or Any Physical Activities: Now What?

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re constantly advocating for doors to open for a better life for your child. A fit child has the odds stacked in his favor for a better life everything from a hearty appetite, to increase attention for seat work,  to a good night’s rest. Also physical activity is important because usually inactive children are likely to become inactive adults. Parents can be role models for an active lifestyle. Lead by example, make physical activities a family affair and best of all play and have fun!

How To Make Physical Activities FUN – Outdoors and Indoors

So your child finds no form of sports or physical exercises interesting. You know the many benefits being physically fit would bring to your child; therefore, you must disguise physical activities in another form. Promote other activities that involve moving/movements that will have the same end results. The following come to mind and many are great for all the family and relatively inexpensive. Can you add others in the comment box?

Outdoor Fun, Physical Activities for the Whole Family

  •  Collecting rocks, leaves, flowers, insects… nature walks
  • Photographing the objects others would collect or taking photos of different balconies, unique door knockers, various signs, windows, roofs, birds…
  • Gardening…flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes, small green house…
  • Watching birds, squirrels, bugs, frogs, butterflies, ….
  •  Family beachcombing - My Child Does Not Like Sports or Any Physical Activities: Now What?Walk a dog, rake leaves to make a huge pile to jump in, visit a U-pick for berries or apples
  • Go swimming, fishing, canoeing, beachcombing,
  • Go camping, gather firewood, catch fireflies, explore the woods,
  • Playing catch with a dog, throwing a ball back and forth with a friend.
  • Flying kites, making huge soap bubbles…
  • Skipping ropes, hop scotch games, playing hide and seek.
  • Going on a bike ride, pull a wagon, push a sibling in a stroller/baby carriage. Family on bikes My Child Does Not Like Sports or Any Physical Activities: Now What?
  • Bowling, karate, swimming pool games.
  • Enjoying a playground, playing in your back yard on swings, slides…
  • Sledding, building snowmen, snow forts, snow houses, snow shovelling, snowshoeing

Get Kids Moving Inside the Home

  • Making homemade eductional games that involve moving. Indoor Hopscotch, replace number with math or words-Make learning fun!
  • Playing with games like the interactive Wii games.
  • Using hula hoops, gymnastic ribbons, dancing, freeze dance, dancing with costumes,
  • Playing with bean bags, balloons, soft balls, pool noodles,
  • Playing table tennis, homemade bowling games, jumping games
  • Learning to juggle, stacking cups, arm wrestling…
  • Person in yoga pose - Sitting on huge balls and keeping your balance, crab walks/crawls, yogaPlay Simon Says, Move Like a …snake, monkey, fish,  indoor hockey on the knees with soft puck and rubber hockey stick
  • Basketball with soft foam ball or sock ball, Balloon Volleyball,
  • Indoor obstacle races –  over, under furniture, move like a snake, roll, hop, ..

The physical, mental and social benefits derived from sports participation or any physical activity for all ages and abilities are widely accepted. Also, “Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out, do-it-yourself character that our future needs.” ~ J. L. Hymes Jr.

The above activities are Fun, Fascinating and Easy to do for everyone. Get your kids moving every day! Please share with us how you get your reluctant child to take part in daily physical activities.

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