June 27th Last Day of Fast Action Bonuses for ICAN! Jumpstart with Tali Berman

Dear Parents and Professionals,

I know how easy it is to get whisked away by your busy life so I wanted to send you a quick reminder that the fast action bonuses worth over $400 (including a coupon code from KidCompanions Chewelry!) and a $100 savings on the ICAN! Jumpstart program ends today!

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Here are the kind of changes you can expect to see in your child over the course of the “I CAN!” Jumpstart:

  • An increase in your child’s desire, willingness and ability to interact with you, other family members and peers.
  • A new interest and ability to not just RESPOND, but to actually INITIATE interaction – resulting in a deeper, self-motivated relationship.
  • More natural and spontaneous eye contact (priceless itself and an essential building block for other learning)!
  • More clear communication; both in what your child wants and in sharing his/her thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  • Less crying, hitting, biting and tantrums and more calm and effective in his/her communication instead.
  • A newfound willingness and ability to play games in new and different ways.
  • A greater ease in accepting changes (dreamy!).
  • Willingness to engage in a variety of conversation topics.
  • Eating a larger variety of foods (just imagine… carrots, broccoli, string beans!)

Click here to learn more and save your spot

Pierrette and Lorna

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