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HeartString baby's Companion black circle on father with baby
Babies like to touch, tug and chew on anything they can reach, it’s a reality all of us parents have come to realize. HeartString Baby’s Companion is an adult-length necklace that a parent or caregiver can wear and baby can tug, pull, chew or play with. It is great for breastfeeding moms, keeping fidgety babies interested. Great for on-the-go outings too and for pouch-carrying papas!

Free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC and Phthalates, it is non-toxic and made of FDA approved, medical-grade plastics. HeartString Baby’s Companion provides a safe, effective and fashionable alternative to pulling and chewing on jewelry, random purse toys, those dirty car keys, grandma’s glasses, and other items potentially harmful to your child.HeartString Baby packaging

Each set includes a HeartString Baby’s Companion TM pendant, organic 24″ cotton lanyard with breakaway clasp, a keep-safe drawstring pouch and instruction sheet with tips and information. It all comes in a great little recycled paper package with a highend chocolate bar feel… Who doesn’t like chocolate?!

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  • Non-Toxic and safe to mouth.
  • Helps keep nursing baby’s attention at the breast, specifically in social or public settings.
  • Wonderful for baby-carrying parents out for a stroll.
  • The pendant shape with its embossed dot is soothing, stimulating and become familiar to the touch.
  • Helps with transfer of infant from Mom to Dad or other caregiver wearing HeartString
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • HeartString has two textures and fun color contrasts.
  • CPSIA 3rd party testing for small parts.


Other Notes:
HeartString has two interesting textures and fun colour contrasts and are more environmentally friendly than many other products. Silicone is not used to assure more detail, a rigid core (cannot bend to get lodged in mouth) and a pliable smooth outer shape.

The organic cotton lanyard is also non-toxic, washable and soft to the baby’s touch. Cotton, with low tendency to cause allergic reactions, allows caregivers to sleep while wearing the pendant and baby’s to be safe from dyes and colour processing chemicals.Yellow heart teething toddler and Mom

Though the product is designed to fit adults and to attach like a necklace, it will also detach by use of specialized safety connectors in the unlikely event that a child becomes tangled or pulls sharply.

Since our products are developed for infant use, strict quality control is used and extensively researched for FDA approved, North American made and socially responsible materials.

Contact us for more information.

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