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Halloween Treat Ideas to Beat the Scary Additives Craze
Halloween Treat Ideas to Beat the Scary Additives Craze

There’s no question that trick-or-treaters get way too much candy. Halloween only comes once a year but the harmful health effects of some candy can last much longer.

Halloween candy can pose real health risks. Scary additives are plentiful. So if you DO give out candy, look for naturally flavored and colored alternatives. PGPR, Red #40, BlueLake, Yellow #5 and TBHQ are ingredients that should be avoided. Linked to the development of neurological disorders, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, insomnia and more, they are just bad. In mass Halloween quantities, scary for sure.


Worst-Candy Alternatives for Halloween treats: (These are still candy, just the least bad alternatives)

This year I don’t plan to be part of the candy craze. Instead, we will give out small, fun, non-edible treats instead. Since I know my child will show up with a bag full of the bad stuff, I have a plan there too. Trade!

While candy is good for all, non-edible treats definitely have age limits. So,

cute-zombieFor Everyone:

For Little Kids:

  • Plastic jewelry: glow-in-the-dark ones are coolest
  • Small Halloween-themed toys like fang whistles, monster finger puppets, etc.
  • Halloween-themed temporary stickers
  • Bubbles, chalk or small containers of Play-Doh

For Tweens and Up:

There are many other options, though you may want to stay away from plain school supplies, toothbrushes, apples, raisins and pennies. Promoting a healthy Halloween is great but fun is the point, right?


Do YOU have a great idea about what to give out to trick-or-treaters this year? Tell us below.

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