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FREE Autism Empowerment Telesummit 2013 - Discover the KEY to Unlock Your Child's Potential
FREE Autism Empowerment Telesummit 2013 – Discover the KEY to Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Pierrette and I appreciate when the authors we meet through our Special Needs Book Review site keep in touch. One amazing young woman we have met is Tali Field Berman, co-author of  Play to Grow! Over 200 Games Designed to Help Your Special Child Develop Fundamental Social Skills. In my review of  Play to Grow! I wrote that parents and team members of children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental delays should all have this book by Tali Field Berman and Abby Rappaport.

Tali Field Berman and Abby Rappaport have compiled a simple, user-friendly, spiral

 Play to Grow! Over 200 Games Designed to Help Your Special Child Develop Fundamental Social Skills by Tali Field Berman and Amy Rappaport bound manual with 201 fun games to be played right in your home. The games are fun for any child. Adaptions/variations are given so you can customize the games to fit your child’s needs and interests. Read the complete review here.

We then had the pleasure of interviewing Tali F. Berman.  Read the complete interview here. Here is part of her interesting, informative responses.

Lorna: The games you have featured in Play to Grow! Over 200 Games Designed to Help Your Special Child Develop Social Skills were designed to help a special child develop fundamental social skills. When someone asks, “What is your book about? Will the games help my child?” what do you answer?

<<Tali Field Berman:  I would say that this book is about how to optimize your child’s growth through fun, simple to prepare and engaging games.  It is about teaching the key ingredients in creating games that will be effective for your child so you can develop as many as you want, plus, of course, it gives you 201 game ideas that you can implement right away.  Will it help your child? Definitely! This book is designed to help you see concrete growth in every fundamental area of development, including; eye contact, communication/language, interactive attention span, flexibility, gross/fine motor skills, self-helps skills, the list is endless!>>

Lorna: Your book tells us you are the pioneer/founder of Meir: Autism Treatment Center in Israel. Please elaborate.

<<Tali F. Berman: I founded Meir: Autism Treatment Center in Israel in 2003.  The purpose of Meir is to bring The Son-Rise Program®, a powerful home-based, parent run program developed over twenty five years ago, to families in Israel and around the world.  We work with children diagnosed with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD/NOS and children with other developmental delays….>>

Message  from Tali F. Berman, Autism Specialist/Author/Founder  Meir: Autism Treatment Center FREE Autism Empowerment Telesummit 2013 – Discover the KEY in Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

Dear dedicated parents and professionals,

I have been brewing up something special for you in honor on Autism Awareness Month…

Doors for the FREE “Autism Empowerment Telesummit- 2013” is officially open!

What is the Autism Empowerment Telesummit?

An incredibly prestigious group of 11 of the top worldwide autism experts, with years of experience, research and success, are devoted to sharing their knowledge and practical tools with you so you can witness transformation in YOUR child.

11 of the top worldwide autism expertsDo the names Jenny McCarthy, Donna Gates, Anat Baniel, Kerri Rivera or Julie Matthews mean anything to you (just to name a few)?

Claim your spot by clicking this link:

This telesummit is for you if you know that more is possible for your child but can’t figure out HOW to help your child make the next leap in his development.

Imagine your child (or the child you work with) …

  • Having a healthy digestive system and improved immunity.
  • Experiencing more physical comfort in his/her everyday life.
  • Overcoming his/her challenging eating habits.
  • Having fewer episodes of hitting/biting/head banging and temper tantrums.
  • Growing without barriers by reducing the chemical toxins that impact growth and development.
  • Feeling, understanding, moving, and thinking in ways that seemed unattainable before.
  • Breaking through communication barriers so s/he can more fully understand and be understood.
  • Deepening his relationship with you, family members and peers.
  • [Fully engaging in games with you and his/her peers.
  • Having the tools to handle bullying with ease and confidence.

Plus, imagine knowing how to best take care of YOU so you can be most effective in helping your child and experience more energy and joy in your life.

Simply click below to save your spot in this FREE virtual event that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Once you click this link you will be brought directly to the registration page so you can meet the panel of experts and make sure that you don’t miss out on this value-packed event by registering today!

I hope you will join me in the “Autism Empowerment Telesummit-2013“, so you can discover the key in unlocking your child’s potential and become a part of this trail blazing, worldwide community who is ready to be empowered.

As the saying goes, “Knowledge IS power” and there is no better way to gain knowledge than directly from the experts themselves.

Dedicated to turning YOU and your child’s potential into reality, 

Tali Field Berman

Autism Specialist/Author/Founder Meir: Autism Treatment Center in Israel

P.S.  This is not  just THE Autism Event of the year.  This is a MOVEMENT of passionate and “stop at nothing” parents and professionals who are dedicated to learning all the tools they can to empower change in their children.

We are all individuals, in a larger community, whose lives have been touched by autism.  Don’t keep this incredible FREE event to yourself!

Share the word with every person, group and social network that can benefit.  Wouldn’t you have wanted someone to pass this along to you?

Think of the ripple affect…

Here is the link again:

Learn the secret ingredients to creating and playing developmental games your child will LOVE!

Do you plan to attend? Know any of the 11 top worldwide autism experts?

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