Environmental Practices | Kid Companions Chewelry

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We have built our company and our products with sound social and environmental practices:

3yr old with pink-heart-fidget

“all I can be, is Me”

Social Mission

We regularly seek out options to make our company and products more ethically and environmentally responsible. We choose to work using eco-friendly, and socially conscious practices, and readily seek out companies with the same values.

Recycling locally first.

We recycle and use recycled or recyclable office materials. All plastics and paper products we use are kept, sorted and sent to a recycling facility.

Environmental Concerns

  • Packaging recyclable and made from FDA approved film
  • Our product is sold in a completely recyclable package. FDA approved film.
  • The plastic materials used for the chew pendants are tested non-toxic, do not contain PVC, phthalates, lead, latex or any other harmful product and are more environmentally friendly than many plastics.
  • The organic cotton lanyard is grown and made in America. It is non-toxic, washable and durable.
  • The dyes used for our colorful, cotton lanyards are low-impact and do not use harsh fixatives.
  • Medical manufacturer is ISO certified

Social Concerns:

Our product is designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada. This ensures fair wages, helps job creation and diversification of the local economy. We are supporting rural community development.

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Safety Concerns:

Our product is CE marked to EU standards and is CPSIA 3rd party certified. See our Health & Safety standards here.