Educational Picture Book on Kindness and Friendships: Flower Children by Brigitte Brocato
Educational Picture Book on Kindness and Friendships: FLOWER CHILDREN by Brigitte Brocato

Folks at SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. thank Brigitte Brocato for informing us about her third picture book that just came out in January 2014. FLOWER CHILDREN is an educational children’s book about the color theory, creating secondary colors from primary colors. It is also a book about kindness and friendships. Ms. Brocato’s other two lovely books for children are ABC and the other one is WALDY.

Excerpt of FLOWER CHILDREN  by Brigitte Brocato

Once upon a time, far away from the noise of the big city, there was a lovely magical garden. In this magical garden was a big apple tree with butterflies fluttering, ladybugs climbing on flowers and leaves, and many other little creatures. In this magical garden lived the most beautiful flower girls in all the land; their names were: Leah, Pia and Mia… Enjoy the full story at major book retailers.

Brigitte Brocato wrote that the subject of FLOWER CHILDREN is learning the color theory but it has philosophical values about being kind and being a good friend. It is best to read on a Kindle/fire reader but can be read on a computer when downloading a kindle reader.

Brigitte Brocato author of Two Picture Books, ABC and WALDY,Brigitte Brocato lives with her husband and sons in the United States. Growing up in Germany she was fascinated with the Arts and Art History and pursued her interest later in Life.

She has a Bachelor’s degree and continued her education in Art and Art History at Connecticut College and Rhode ABC by Brigitte BrocatoIsland School of Design (RISD).

Clay being her favorite medium, she opened her own Pottery Studio and taught workshops. She won many awards for her work in clay, porcelain as well as watercolor, charcoal, oil paintings and etchings.

After the birth of her grandchildren she started to write and illustrate educational children’s picture books.

Waldy by Brigitte Brocato

Please Note: books by Brigitte Brocato are off Amazon, etc. for a revision.




These are also available at Barnes and Noble in the Nook.

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  • Brigitte Brocato Posted January 9, 2017 8:54 pm

    Thank you Lorna, my books have received wonderful reviews from many people who purchased the book and enjoyed reading them to and with their children.
    All the best to you and a happy new year.

    • Lorna dEntremont Posted January 10, 2017 10:25 am

      Thanks Brigitte and Happy New Year to you also.

      • Brigitte Brocato Posted January 23, 2017 8:40 pm

        Thank you Lorna,

        all the best to you and your wonderful organization.

        I just want to let you know, that my FLOWERCHILDREN book has won an Honorable Mention in an International Competition.

        All the best to you.


        • Lorna dEntremont Posted January 24, 2017 10:37 am

          Congratulations, Brigitte! Thanks for letting us know that your book, “Flower Children” has won an Honorable Mention in an International Competition.

          • Brigitte Brocato Posted March 8, 2017 8:49 pm

            Thank you Lorna,
            my FLOWERCHILDREN book has gotten so many wonderful positive comments from people who have bought the book. Many people wrote they enjoy painting with their children and grandchildren, spending quality time with them…so wonderful.
            All the best always.
            Brigitte Brocato

          • Brigitte Posted April 11, 2018 10:50 pm

            Thank you Lorna:
            All the best to you always.
            Brigitte Brocato

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