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Children’s Book on Sensory Challenges – Ovis Has Trouble with School by Kelly Beins, OTR/L

Parents who buy our chewelry: KidCompanions or SentioCHEWS will love to learn about an adorable children’s book on sensory challenges. When chewing, the sensory input provided to the mouth and powerful jaw muscles helps calm the nervous system. So biting and chewing is comforting when a child is overwhelmed, overstimulated, anxious, and nervous. These same kids will be able to relate to Ovis, a sheep that is misunderstood because he also has sensory challenges. This book is Ovis Has Trouble with School by Kelly Beins, OTR/L.and illustrations by Christine Merry.

Kelly Beins is an Occupational Therapist certified in sensory integration, and owner of a private practice, Occupational Therapy Consulting, LLC, in Frederick, Maryland.  She has over 23 years of clinical experience.  She knows the difficulties of parenting a child with sensory issues and the value and joy of reading to children. Kelly wants to use that activity to help make other challenging real-life experiences easier through a series of children’s books.

The following is taken from a guest post written by Kelly Beins OTR/L to introduce her adorable children’s book about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) on our Special Needs Book Review site.

*A description of the book
Ovis is a sheep that is misunderstood by his teacher and his peers. He has sensory processing issues, therefore he misbehaves. But when Ovis gets some new ideas about how to cope from an occupational therapist, he gets back on track.

Ovis Has Trouble with School  uses visual images that are simple (not overwhelming).  The pictures emphasize facial expressions in hopes of helping children register these feelings and as a means of engaging and communicating a message without words.  The story is short for limited attention spans and busy parents and the story is written to emphasize the lived experience of the characters, vs. to share information.

Ovis has Trouble With School is the first in a planned series of children’s books that will address other activities that are hard for children with sensory issues.  Such topics include  eating, sleeping, getting dressed, birthday parties, and playing sports. The second Ovis book is slated to be released sometime near the end of 2017 or early 2018.

*Target Audience:

“Ovis Has Trouble with School” is written for children with sensory challenges, ages 4-8.  However, the appeal is wider because most people now know someone who has a sensory challenge.  Teachers like it because it’s about school and they have ALL had a child like Ovis in their class at some point. Therapists like it because it’s a way to introduce the topic of sensory processing and to create discussion and brainstorming around services.  Parents and children like it because they “finally feel understood.”

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