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Children Allergies Can Do More than Make One Sneeze by Sara Dawkins
Children Allergies Can Do More than Make One Sneeze by Sara Dawkins

Allergies can have a variety of causes within the home. These allergies can produce anything from a sneeze to more detrimental afflictions such as nausea. Some allergies can go so far as to even simulate mental illnesses. Although some of them can be easily spotted, others may take a great deal of effort to discover. If your child is experiencing an allergic reaction of varying degrees, would you be able to identify the source?

1. Edibles – Food allergies can have a wide range of effects on a child. Most common of these are rashes, upset stomach and diarrhea. However, a child could experience behavioral imbalances due to certain types of foods such as those that are gluten-rich or contain a mineral that the child simply cannot cope with. In some cases, these behaviors mimic ADHD and, in a minor way, autism. Some food allergens may not even be a product of food themselves. A child could simply be allergic to the chemicals that are in sprays and pesticides that cover some of the foods we eat. 

2. The Environment – Drastic changes due to environmental conditions could also cause  Child and flowers - Children Allergies Can Do More than Make One Sneeze by Sara Dawkinsa reaction in children that will simulate allergic ones. In some cases, the temperature changes from summer to fall can influence a serious bout of asthma resulting in a hospital visit. The child could be perfectly healthy throughout the year until the location experiences a prolonged and drastic cooling. In fact, some doctor’s will assume it is an allergic reaction to other instances without considering the weather.

3. Epinephrine to the Rescue – In more serious conditions, your child may require the use of an Epinephrine auto injector – commonly known as an Epi Pen. By delivering epinephrine to the body, these devices can quell the onset of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is an acute reaction to a serious allergy that can be potentially deadly to an individual let alone a child. Many parents will keep an Epi Pen nearby for children who have reactions to many ailments such as peanuts and animal dander. If your child experiences serious bouts of allergic-like reactions without knowing the cause, having an Epi Pen on hand could help in reducing the risks to him or her until you are able to discover the severity of the reaction and what the substance is.

4. Non-Bacterial – Antibiotics are not a treatment for allergic reactions. As an allergy to a substance is not based on the compositions of bacteria, you could inadvertently weaken an autoimmune response to potential bacterial threats in the future with over exposure. In addition, some children are also allergic to certain antibiotics and you could make the situation worse. Penicillin, for example, has been known to send users into an anaphylactic shock resulting in serious physical complications including death. You should seek medical advice before administering any form of medication to your child outside of those that are over-the-counter such as Benadryl for Children.

When your child is born, he or she could experience very few allergies throughout his or her life. While environment can play a dominant role in how well he or she can adapt to various situations, it is difficult to know for sure if the child will be allergic to any one item. Some allergies develop during early childhood and could fade before he or she finishes high school. All you can do is treat the symptoms and remove what you can in order to create a healthy and comfortable environment for your child.

Author Bio Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashford University. She is a frequent contributor of  Learn more about Sara here

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