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Chew Pendants Allow Your Chewer to Get On with the Day!

Parents and OT’s, thanks for the many positive messages and photos about SentioLife Solutions’ chew pendants you post on our KidCompanions Chewelry Facebook Page and on Twitter! Your posts show us the many reasons our chew pendants, that also double up as Clip-on Hand Fidgets, have become so popular. We are pleased that the chew pendants we so carefully designed allow your chewers and fidgeters to get on with the day!

[fourcol_one]SentioCHEWSSentioCHEWS SCSb-soccer-chewelry
Designed Specifically for active chewers and to be economical (Goals attained by using only a one-part shape and a new super resilient material)

[/fourcol_one][fourcol_one]KidCompanions ChewelryKidCompanions Black circle Chewelry
Our 2007 Original! Designed Specifically for chewers and fidgeters (Goals attained by using a two-part shape and 2 textures and hardnesses of materials)

Designed using “cool” paracord styles and tough barrel breakaways. Suitable for active play. Our 100% Cotton 18″ and 20″ lanyards open at lighter pull and our undyed ones are great for fabric chewers.

[/fourcol_one][fourcol_one_last]Multi-Packsboys-rule 3-pack chewable necklaces

Wearable Sensory Tools for individuals who chew and fidget: Designed and Made-in-Canada – Phthalates (BPA), metals (lead, nickel, cadmium etc) and latex Free!


The following are testimonials that show why it is necessary to provide safe, chew pendants to satisfy the urge to chew, bite, and/or fidget so kids, tween, teens and even adults can successfully get on with their day of work or play.

  • “My kids are chewers. They chew on the zipper to their jacket, the collar of their shirt, etc. My boys love wearing your “chewelry” so they don’t end up with wet clothes. No more chewed-up sleeves and collars that keep my child chilled coming home from school each winter day! I have been very happy with your chew necklaces.”
  • SentioCHEWS are more durable than competing products that are made of silicone. The chew or bite marks bounce back and do not leave teeth marks easily. Our son LOVES it even more! Now, with the addition of his favorite SentioCHEW in our toolbox, he is learning to overcome new challenges. Instead of just filling a sensory need, SentioCHEWS help him alleviate anxiety, address boredom, and actually provide repetitive, calming movement for him to tame some of that wild energy. What does this mean for our household? Less yelling and more productive activities. »
  • Our daughter struggles with tantrums and tonight she told us, with a big smile on her face, that part of the reason that she’s been having fewer tantrums lately is because, “When I’m angry, instead of tantrumming, I just bite my Chewelry”. We were floored. And really grateful to you!”
  • “Thank you! My daughter has had her pink heart KidCompanions Chewelry with a red lanyard for three days and has had ZERO meltdowns – it had an instant effect on her behaviour. She wears it day and night :)”
  • “My Rosie eats her hair. Now she chews on her new chew necklace. Your chewelry helped SO MUCH!”
  • “Shared your post on your chew pendants! I just love your products that help so many kids with special needs and have told many parents about your company! :)”
  • ”I started working with a little 6-year old boy who has many sensory issues. He is non-verbal and now uses a SentioCHEWS that I gave him. His dad is going to be ordering more to use at home, too. He loves it and it’s helped him stop salivating onto toys. Isn’t that great!? Love your product and I recommend it all the time.”
  • We LOVE KidCompanions Chewelry…passed your link to parent support groups. LOL I’ve had to say “NO, this is not a paid endorsement!” Think it’s a great alternative to the more obvious tools – no one wants their child to be singled out because they look like they’ve got a pacifier or be denied their fidget because it’s a distraction to others.”

Chew pendants like KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS helped kids get on with the day.Does your child CHEW constantly?

If your child chews incessantly, understand that it is not their fault. They can’t help it. Children with autism especially have difficulty in regulating their sensory experiences. A child with sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity to various sensations. Excessive chewing is an example of sensory hyposensitivity.

Does your child MOVE constantly?

If movements can help your child with ADHD to sharpen his memory, hone his organizational skills and calm him to interact favorably with his classmates, LET HIM CHEW and FIDGET! Add it to his IEP or have it written down as an accommodation your child needs to focus on his school work.100% undyed cotton clip-on lanyard

Having his own discreet chewy or fidget, always accessible, enables this child to go about the day. The student with ADHD knows that when he needs to move to focus, it will be around his neck, in his belt hoop or attached to his clothing. These children have enough worries in their lives that if a very simple tool like KidCompanions Chewelry or SentioCHEWS gives him relief, it should be provided.

Chew Pendants, Sensory Tools, and Hand Fidgets:

Tools NOT Toys

Chewable necklaces, chew pendants, hand fidget, etc. should never be called a toy for those who really need the benefits of chewing, biting, and fidgeting. A toy would have to be put away when the bell signals classes are to begin. On the contrary, peers and teachers should respect the needs of these children with special needs and their “sensory school tools” should be seen as natural to a class setting as pencils, crayons or eye glasses. We are pleased parents and OT’s chose KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS chew pendants as sensory tools to help kids get on with the day.Child chewing a chew pendant from the line of KidCompanions Chewelry

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