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Book Review of Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist by Marla Roth-Fisch
Book Review of Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist by Marla Roth-Fisch

All parents will be pleased to learn about this amazing kid’s book on visiting the dentist. Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist  written and illustrated by Marla Roth-Fisch helps all children overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.  This beautiful children’s book is packed with hints for parents on making a visit to the dentist a better experience. It is especially helpful for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and other special needs. Parents of kids on the autism spectrum appreciate Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist because they can use it as a Social Story to prepare their child for their appointments to the dentist.   

For children with sensory issues, going to the dentist is particularly daunting. Marla Roth-Fisch, a mom of a child with sensory processing disorder, knows all about it.  Her new book is published by Future Horizons, Inc. and came out in October 2014 to Celebrate National Sensory Awareness Month.

Marla Roth-Fisch’s first book, Sensitive Sam, won the 2010 Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine. Read our review of Sensitive Sam and our interview with Ms. Roth-Fisch on our Special Needs Book Review site.

Please Note: Congrats to Marla Roth-Fisch! Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist WON 2015 Book of the Year Award in “Kids Books for Sensory Issues” from Creative Child Awards!

Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist is endorsed by dentists and child-development experts.  Praise for Marla Roth-Fisch’s second book comes from prominent people like Dr. Temple Grandin who says, “Having a good first experience with going to the dentist will help a child with autism tolerate the dentist. This book will …”

Founder of the first nationwide comprehensive Sensory Processing Disorder research program, Dr. Lucy Jane Miller wrote, “…I highly recommend this entertaining and pragmatic approach to increasing the comfort of children with SPD when visiting their dentists! …”

About Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist –

the Kid’s Book on Visiting the Dentist that ALL Families Need!

Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist is a 42 page soft cover book divided in two parts. The first twenty pages make up the children’s story and the next twenty-two pages are for the caregivers.

A group of dentists and hygienists wrote fifteen tips that coincide with the pages of the story. Monty-the-Molar gives us direction to read the tips in the back of the book that corresponds to various pages.

I can easily see teachers and parents using the information in each tip as a resource to teach dental health practices and to teach kids facts about their teeth.  Here are some of the tip titles:

  • Importance of Baby Teeth
  • Brushing the Correct Way
  • Best Oral Hygiene
  • All About Cavities
  • Foods to Avoid

The last pages of the book have eighteen personal stories from parents and professionals filled with solutions and tips on making oral hygiene and dental visits easier.  Parents will be able to relate to the families in these stories as it is just like what they are going through with their own child.

Parents raising a child with special needs will know many of the contributors to this last part of the book as many are parents of children with challenging needs who are authors, therapists, or designers of products used by children with special needs.

The following contributors have participated in our Author Interview Series on Special Needs Book Review: Julie Clark, Britt Collins, Connie Hammer, Terri Mauro, Jackie Linder Olson, Bobbi Sheahan, and Barbara Smith.

Pierrette and I are pleased to say we are among the contributors and have explained how SentioCHEWS and KidCompanions Chewelry can help make visiting dentist easier.Pierrette and I are pleased to say we are among the contributors and have explained  how SentioCHEWS and KidCompanions Chewelry can help make going to the dentist easier.  Children fidgeting with or biting our chew necklaces are redirecting anxious thoughts and using pent-up energy by using the strong jaw muscles to chew and bite safely on this alternative instead of unsafe nonedibles or grinding their teeth.

These SentioLife Solutions’ chewable tools provide comfort  to kids when holding on to the familiar pendants for the transition to the dentist’s office and the pendants make great hand fidget toys to relieve stress and anxiety while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Another feature we like about Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist is that every page in the children’s story is a pleasing, soft pastel color. Each page has illustrations that support the text and help with the comprehension of the story.  It is written for children between 4 and 12 years of age. The rhyming sentences make it fun to read and listen to.


Page 17

“Let’s be sure,” Dr. Bryan says.

“I will take an x-ray.”

“The x-ray will not hurt me, right?”

“No Sam, do not worry.

All you need to do is bite real tight.”


“This digital x-ray machine will

take a picture of your tooth,

in the blink of an eye.

Stay nice and still

and we can do it in one try.”


The machine makes a noise

only I am able to hear;

because of having SPD,

I have sensitive ears.

The parents of children with special needs at SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. congratulate Marla Roth-Fisch for an excellent second children’s book with information and strategies to make a child’s visit to the dentist easier for all the family!

Marla Roth-Fisch Author & Illustrator of Sensitive Sam Children`s Books: Second book, a kid's book visiting dentist - Sensitive Sam Visits the DentistAbout the Author/Illustrator: Marla Roth-Fisch
In Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist, the newest book in the Sensitive Sam series, award-winning author and illustrator Marla Roth-Fisch shares an interactive story for parents to read with their children to prepare for dental visits, along with practical advice from dentists and orthodontists specializing in children with special needs, and stories and tips from parents who have experienced the best and worst of it.

Roth-Fisch draws on her personal experience as a happily married mother of two, including a son with sensory processing disorder. She is an active board member at the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and serves on the advisory board of Future Horizons, Inc.

For more information about Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentists, go to SensitiveSam.comSensitive Sam: Sam’s Sensory Adventure Has a Happy Ending by Marla Roth-Fisch

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