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Benefits of Sensory Toys for Kids with Special Needs

What are the benefits of sensory toys? This is a question we get on our SentioLife Solutions Facebook page and our KidCompanions Facebook page.  We often receive messages from distraught parents asking for solutions for their child who has challenging behaviors. Like it is often said, “Behavior is a form of COMMUNICATION”; therefore, it is best to search for the root of the problem.

This means parents, teachers, and therapists have to figure out what is causing their child/student with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, etc. to act a certain way. Knowing what triggers their child’s behavior makes it possible to find a strategy to help help them. The answer may be as simple as providing sensory toys or a chewy fidget.

How can I know if my child needs an oral-sensory necklace or other sensory toys?

Would he use a chew necklace at school? Would he benefit from a hand fidget or mouth fidget?

>>>Is THIS your child?<<<<
◘Fidgets Frequently?
◘Dislikes Transitions?
◘Meltdowns Easily?
◘Distracted Easily?

On-the-GO child with ADHD:Benefits of Sensory Toys for Kids with Special Needs ◘Can’t Sit Still?
◘Is Always On-the-GO?
◘Chews Non-Food Items or eats even when should not be hungry?
◘Constantly Bites His Nails?
◘Pulls His Hair in his Mouth?

Benefits of  Sensory Toys, Chew Pendants, Hand Fidgets:

♥Provide Oral Sensory Input for Sensory Seekers

♥Calm Nerves

♥Promote Focus and ConcentrationTougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS or KidCompanions Chewelry designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada since 2007. Stylish, Functional and Fun Chewables!

♥Reduce inappropriate mouthing of items that can damage teeth

♥Increase Attention

♥Helps with weight loss if child eats when he should not be hungry

♥Reduce Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking,

♥Help individuals reach and maintain a “just right” level of alertness

♥Help decrease oral defensiveness for those with oral hypersensitivity

SentioLife Solutions:


TRY Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS or KidCompanions Chewelry designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada since 2007. They are: Stylish, Functional and Fun Chewables that provide discreet chewing for children, teens and adults.

Our sensory chew necklace designs are unique to SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. – you won’t see them anywhere else. Chew pendants are in age-appropriate styles and colors that all love to wear and use! They allow the user toKidCompanions are a quiet school-friendly fidget : Benefits of Sensory Toys for Kids with Special Needs blend in. These are sensory toys that do not bring attention to the user and are NOT a distraction to others. Our sensory oral-motor tools are a quality product that provides comfort and calm to a child who needs to chew, bite, and fidget.

Our Clip-ons double up as chewable, hand fidgets that are safe, stylish & effective. They are the quiet, school-friendly fidget teachers love to see their students use! And the solution to calm a child that parents love on those long, trips to visit grandma!

Worn like a necklace on its colorful lanyard with child safety clasp, looped in a belt hoop or clipped to clothing, pillows.. to be readily accessible as a fidget or chewy to quiet the body’s need to move to allow the brain/mind to calm and focus on the lesson being taught, the book being read, the homework needing to be done…

Parents can find information about chewables by searching for any of the following key words: chewy mouth fidgets, chewelry, chewy jewelry, autism chews, oral-motor tools, mouth tools, chew pendants, sensory tools, sensory toys, etc.

Buy KidCompanions Chewelry and Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS:Boy with SentioChews Sensory Toy: Benefits of Sensory Toys for Kids with Special Needs


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