Awesome Testimonial About Our Chewelry for SentioLife Solutions’ Show’N Tell Contest

The SentioLife Solutions team is pleased to post a wonderful message and photos we received from Lauren Haliburton in response to our SentioLife Solutions’ Show’N Tell Contest for a FREE Chew Necklace we held in February. We thank Brandon for letting his mom take the lovely photos you see on this page and we hope Brandon will enjoy his FREE chew necklace.

SentioLife Solutions makes two different chew necklaces. The original one, KidCompanions Brandon's Story  How His KidCompanions and SentioCHEWS Chewelry Help HimChewelry, that has been available since 2007. Our newest one, SentioCHEWS, just came out in November of 2014. How do they compare with one another? Read our post, SentioCHEWS OR KidCompanions Chewelry – Comparing Our TWO Oral-Motor Tools Parents often ask us this question, “How KidCompanions Chewelry ($17,49) and SentioCHEWS ($9,95) are Different and Hence the Price Difference.” The answer is found in that post.


Brandon’s Story

KidCompanions and SentioCHEWS Chewelry Help Him

This is Brandon. Brandon is 4 and started pre-school this year. His teachers were concerned about some of his behaviors, one of which was chewing on his clothes, hands and toys. The chew necklaces that we purchased are amazing! They allow him to chew as needed and avoid chewing holes in clothes, hurting his hands, destroying toys, furniture or the leather arm rests in my car. The necklaces have also helped him stop grinding his teeth and his teachers have noticed that the necklaces help him focus better during story time and to manage stress during transitions.

Brandon's Story  How His KidCompanions and SentioCHEWS Chewelry Help HimAs a parent I know these necklaces are safe for my child and have proven to be very effective for us. I appreciate the trendy designs and that they don’t stand out or draw attention from strangers. We purchased two different types of chew necklaces and he thinks they are both cool to wear and use. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. With a baby on the way will be buying more for baby #2 when he/she starts teething!

Mighty Chewelry Duo – Black & Blue

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Lauren Halliburton

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