Our Company | SentioLife Solutions Ltd.

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About Our Company, SentioLife Solutions Ltd.

Pierrette d'Entremont and daughter

Pierrette d’Entremont and daughter

KidCompanions Chewelry was designed by Pierrette d’Entremont, a mom, for her child. They are bpa, phthalate, lead and latex free chew necklaces made for children to adults. SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. formed when Pierrette d’Entremont, mother of three young daughters noticed her middle child was constantly chewing on her shirts, her fingers and the inside of her cheeks and this was distressing. This was 2006.

Pierrette studied human kinetics at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada but is also a jeweller and Accredited Jewelry Professional. One day she noticed how her daughter was finding comfort and soothing herself by chewing on a handmade clay pendant she had made to entertain her nursing newborn.

Both Pierrette and her middle child have Tourette syndrome and share some associated conditions like sensory issues, anxiety challenges and ASD traits. This child had a rough start, born at 30 weeks and weighing only 2.5lbs. It was the sensory issues that were noticed first, as even wind or water caused negative reactions.This new stress releaser was worth exploring as a stylish effective alternative to current chewable tools and fidget toys.

Lorna d'Entremont with grand child

Lorna d’Entremont with grand child

Getting the product market-ready was challenging with perfecting designs, finding effective non-toxic materials, sourcing parts and designing safety breakaway clasps. Then having prototypes and injection molds made, and finally testing the product to ensure they met regulations. Partnering in 2009 with her mother and 30 year veteran elementary school teacher, Lorna d’Entremont, was a step ahead as well. After 2 years they were ready.

In November of 2013 SentioLife Solutions launched a second line of chewable necklaces called SentioCHEWS. It was conceived when a rugged and economical chew was deemed needed for heavier chewers. Parents, teacher and health professional would occasionally contact us with requests for information about how to help aggressive chewers. With the help of friend, father and engineer (Bill Dicke), the SentioCHEW was born.

SentioCHEWS are more durable than other chew necklaces often found on the market made of generic silicone. Like our original line of chew necklaces, SentioCHEWS are made in Canada, sourced in USA and Canada of FDA approved materials, and CE marked to EU standards.

KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS, along with various breakaway lanyards are now sold online and in retail stores. They can also be found in educational and special needs catalogues around the world.

Use | Like any chewable item, Chewelry will eventually wear due to daily use. Discarding and replacing the chewable pendant is suggested. Average use is 4-6 weeks or longer if used as a fidget or as an addition to other chewables. NOTE: Pendants will be damaged sooner with aggressive chewing or if an individual chews selectively (on certain spots). We aimed at making a product that is non-toxic, durable but that can’t damage teeth. Recommended for ages 3+