About | KidCompanions Chewelry

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KidCompanions Chewelry: The original Chewelry!

Launched in 2007 and this is their story


KidCompanions Chewelry: FDA Medical Grade Thermoplastic Elastomer and Polypropylene two-part chewable jewelry.

KidCompanions Chewelry was designed in 2006 by a mom for her child. Developed when Pierrette d’Entremont, mother of three young daughters noticed her middle child was constantly chewing on her shirts, her fingers and the inside of her cheeks. Her youngest was in need of a nursing distraction and a handmade polymer pendant was a hit, for both! Detailed information about our journey on the About Our Company Page.

At that time “oral sensory chews” and “nursing necklaces” were pretty hard to explain! After lots of design, research, testing and manufacturing time, we finally had a product. It was FDA safe, tested for US, Canada, EU and AUS standards, and contained materials sourced in North America. Still hallmarks of our product today!

The 18″ and 20″ Kidcompanions Chewelry are even packaged in food safe clear zip bags and can be washed with simple soap and water. Helping children with sensory challenges discreetly and fashionably! Our Chewelry is free of BPA, phthalates, metals and latex, and great for children-teens. Unique tactile features help your child be him/herself, anytime, anywhere.

To help special individuals be themselves and thrive. Our products give parents peace of mind and support their special children. We pride ourselves on our made-in-Canada, sourced in North America commitment and our social and environmental responsibility.

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CHEWABLE accessory. Our chewy KidCompanions address the issues of inappropriate biting and chewing on2 kids playing
inedible items that bring questions of hygiene, teeth wearing and safety to mind.

FUNCTIONAL fidget/chewy. KidCompanions allows discreet fidgeting to help hyperactive children to focus better. Also the strong jaw muscles are a great way to use pent-up energy by chewing to stay on task.

WEARABLE and soothing. Comforting familiarity for children who do not like transitions, like going from home to school or from homeroom to another class, cafeteria, gym…finding security and comfort holding on to their KidCompanions.

KidCompanions-ChewelryTwo-textured Chewable Jewelry since 2007. Helping children with sensory challenges discreetly and fashionably!

Safety Information:

  • We follow ASTM safety standards and voluntary standards for products used by youth (toys).
  •  We comply with The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (SOR/2011-19; SOR/2010-298 and SOR/2011-17)
  • Our lanyard lengths follow ASTM standards for children’s safety of cords and loops.
  • Our product is CE marked to EU standards, under the Medical Device Directive.
  •  Our product is CPSIA 3rd party certified.
  • Shapes are 2 fused parts and made of thermo-plastic elastomers, both medical grade, USP Class VI.
  • Shapes are made-in-Canada in a medical device, ISO certified facility
  • The Breakaway is custom-designed to ASTM standards and made of FDA approved Polymer
  • We use 100% cotton lanyard material, made in the US and dyed with the safest color-fast dyes available.
  • Our undyed lanyards great for fabric chewers are made of 100% organic cotton.

Use | Like any chewable item, KidCompanions Chewelry will eventually wear due to daily use. Discarding and replacing the chewable pendant is suggested. Average use is 4-6 weeks or longer if used as a fidget or as an addition to other chewables. NOTE: Pendants will be damaged sooner with aggressive chewing or if an individual chews selectively (on certain spots). We aimed at making a product that is non-toxic, durable but that can’t damage teeth. Recommended for ages 3+