Chewable Necklaces. KidCompanions Chewelry & SentioCHEWS.

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Our Chewable Necklaces are wearable sensory tools for kids that chew and fidget.

BPA, lead and latex free. | Made in North America

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Chewelry and Breakaway Lanyards


Chewable Pendants for moderate to active chewers! Tough, pliable, FDA Safe and Economical! Choose Cotton breakaway lanyard in DIY products!

Breakaway Lanyards

Safety Breakaway Lanyards for kids to adults. 18-28″ lanyards come with breakaway clasps. Try our ASTM Toy Safety conforming cotton breakaways!
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Breakaway Lanyards for kids

KidCompanions Chewelry

Sensory chews for light to moderate chewers. 2-part shapes are smooth and great for fidgets. BPA free, medical grade and Made in Canada!


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DIY Chewelry

Gift for a special child.
A DIY Chewelry. Customize your own!

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    DIY Chewelry – Create Your Own

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    Create Your Own 4 Pack Chewelry Set – DIY

    Total sales: 50 pcs. 34.80 CAD ($28.71 USD)
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    SentioSTYLES Breakaway Lanyards – Regular 24″

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    SentioSTYLES 28″ Breakaway Lanyard – LONGER

    Total sales: 141 pcs. $5.25

My son loves his SentioCHEWS and what's great is that he has stopped biting me!!! And others!! It really changed our lives!!

For the Friendship Circle Special Needs Blog titled 4 Fun Products for Helping Toddlers Learn to Eat, she included our SentioCHEWS as one of the products to help kids practice chewing. Melanie is a certified speech language pathologist, a national speaker on the topic of picky eating, and the author of the award winning parenting book, Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! “Older Kids Need Practice Chewing Too - SentioCHEWS are adorable, durable BPA-free “chewelry” with break-away lanyards for added safety. For children with sensory needs, having something to chew in easy reach that is age-appropriate is often a must. Many kids with oral motor challenges benefit from a non-food chewy throughout the day to build strength and stability for eating solid foods. Plus, these are darn cute, and that’s important too!

My name is Jess and I have a ten year old with severe autism and sensory integration disorder. He chews all the time clothing and other non food items. My OT told me to try the KidCompanion Chewelry because it would help save clothing. We tried the original KidCompanions and found it couldn't handle my son's chewing I sent you pictures of the damage done to his chewelry and was told to stay tuned as you were making a new product for kids like your son. I was hesitant to try the SentioCHEWS because I didn't know if I wanted to try another product and have it fail! But I talked to his OT and she said give it a chance. So I bought SentioCHEWS and, you know what, it's everything you said it was and more ! It takes his almost violent frustrated chewing when he is upset and takes his stemming with it and doesn't give ! It's been two months and there's not even a dent in the SentioCHEWS ! Also, we have not had to throw a shirt due to holes being chewed in them ! So thank you SentioLife Solutions you have given this mother one more tool in her arsenal of things to care for her child. Thank you!