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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh and Smile
5 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh and Smile

I remember when my daughter was born and just a few months old. I had not been around babies much in my life at that point and I did not really know what made them tick. I was in love with my daughter and everything she did was amazing and beautiful to me. I remember the first time I heard her laugh. If you have ever heard a baby laugh a full on belly busting laugh you know that it is the most precious thing you have ever heard. You cannot keep from laughing yourself when you hear their laughter. I do not mean just a giggle or a coo; most of you know what I am talking about.

Here are a few simple ways you can make your baby laugh and smile, at least if your child is anything like my babies were:

  1. Silly Noises – When my son was very small he had a lot of issues. He was very sensitive to most things and did not even really like being touched. It was a big difference from my daughter and I had a hard time adjusting. Thankfully my daughter had no problems in making her little brother laugh. One day as we were playing in the kitchen my daughter found a large chunk of rubber from some long forgotten project. She played like it was a rocket and made all the noises of takeoff and landing. My son watched in fascination until the ship came in for a landing. When it hit the tile floor it made a loud squeaking sound and he just went off. He laughed hysterically and we could not help but laugh along. After that my daughter always knew what she could do when he was getting cranky. Take out that hunk of rubber and play until he giggled.
  2. Raspberries – Tummy bubbles are a childhood favorite. Even as kids get older they love it when their parents blow raspberries on their soft little tummies. I remember doing that until the kids were big enough to be embarrassed by it. Oh well, a parent’s prerogative. You can also do butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses to make kids smile and show your love.
  3. Blowing – I know it sounds foolish, but my daughter figured this one out for me. When she was young and my son was a wee babe she would always stick things in her mouth. I guess she never really got over that whole oral phase. Anyway, she had this plastic bottle like a medicine bottle that she was playing with. Then one day she blew it out of her mouth with a pop. It sailed across the room and my son laughed so hard. Needless to say that was the entertainment for the rest of the evening! While you do not have to sail an object across the room, making popping noises or pretending to have something fly out of your mouth works equally asBaby smiling - 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Smile and Laugh well.
  4. Splashing water – When bath time rolls around make it a fun time instead of a battle. Babies love to splash so get in on the action. Splash them with a little water. Play with squirting bath toys. Let them watch the faucet run or let it drip slowly. Some babies are even enthralled by watching the water go down the drain or the toilet flush. Water can be a great way to get your baby to smile.
  5. Dropping things – Nothing makes a kid laugh like seeing his parents mess up. Discovered this when I dropped a bottle and it splashed all over the floor. My son laughed so hard and burbled and groaned until I dropped the empty bottle again and again. I did not mind the clean up so much after seeing how much amusement he got from my blunder. Of course bouncing a ball, playing with a yoyo or other up and down toys will enthrall your child as well.

 Baby with red hat smiling - 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh and SmileThese are just a few of the things I discovered would make my babies laugh and smile. I love to see my children happy. It is worth the effort to find out what your child will laugh at and from then on you have entertainment that is worth its weight in gold. Have fun and remember to smile!

Author Bio:

Nancy provides feedback on all elements of the site “” helping us to really make sure that we are making it as easy as possible for caregivers to sign up and find work.  In addition, she spends quite a bit of her time on freelance writing tasks.

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