KidCompanions Chewelry & SentioCHEWS | Chewable Necklaces

Wearable Sensory Tools for kids, teens and adults that chew and fidget.

Chewable necklaces designed and made for children with sensory challenges since 2007.

Our Goal is to help special individuals be themselves and thrive. Our products give parents peace of mind and support their special children.

Chewable necklaces for active chewers.

SentioCHEWS | Newest Chewable Pendants.

For ACTIVE chewers! | Tough & Economical.

Chewable necklaces for sensory issues.

KidCompanions Chewelry | The ORIGINAL.

Chewable Necklaces – since 2007

Helping children with sensory challenges discreetly and fashionably!

CHEWABLE accessory: Our Chewable Necklaces address the issues of biting and chewing on inedible items that bring questions of hygiene, teeth wearing and safety to mind.

FUNCTIONAL fidget/chewy: SentioCHEWS allows discreet fidgeting to help hyperactive children to focus better. Also the strong jaw muscles are a great way to use pent-up energy by chewing to stay on task.

WEARABLE and soothing: Comforting familiarity for children who do not like transitions, like going from home to school or from home-room to another class, cafeteria, gym…finding security and comfort holding on to their SentioCHEWS.

Use | Like any chewable item, our chewable necklaces will eventually wear due to daily use. Discarding and replacing the item is suggested. Read more on our FAQ page.